Change Your thoughts using Positive Actions

It has been said that you can change you life by changing your thoughts. In fact, many mindset coaches / gurus stand by this ideology that in order to change your life, to become successful, to become wealthy, you must first change the way you think.

do well

In other words: Think positively; attract positive things and have success and Think negatively: attract negative things, and you’ll ultimately fail.

There are times, however; when no matter how much you desire to maintain a positive mindset and attitude, you aren’t able to. You are bombarded on all sides by negative thought after negative thought, that you have no idea which one of these thoughts to grab hold of first.

You’ve seen crazy ants right? Imagine them on steroids. That’s what your thoughts feel like.


Crazy Ants

I can so relate; because I’ve been there time and time again. What I’ve learnt is that by doing positive things despite my negative thoughts, I’m able to shift my thinking.

Yes, change your thoughts utilizing positive actions.


You wake up with every intention of exercising; but then your mind become like the ants above. You remember all what you need to get done before leaving for work. You feel listless and tired. Or it is snowing / raining and you’re cold. Your body suddenly feels like it could use another 30 mins of sleep; your muscles are still aching from two days ago; and on and on the thoughts go.

How do you change that?

Positive Action #1: Get the hell out of your bed

Positive Action #2: Brush your teeth / wash your face / take a shower

Positive Action #3: Get dress; and by all means wear some warm clothes if necessary.

Thought Check!!

How do you feel now? Do you find that your thoughts have now aligned themselves to your actions?

Yea! I bet!

By doing the actions necessary, you realize that all the reasons why you thought you could not exercise are no longer valid. In fact, you are now mentally pumped to exercise.

Be mindful that this concept can be applied to any area of your life: Business Work; School; Relationship.

Make it a habit! You will realize that it becomes easier to actually change your thoughts, and ultimately change the course / direction of your life.

Happy Doing!

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