Network Marketing Tips: Building Your Business

Every day, we see the network marketing industry grow exponentially. We see more and more people change their life because of this industry – greats such as Ray Higdon, Bob Heilig and John Melton. They are reaping the rewards of this industry.

Yet the Qualms persist! 

There are misconceptions about pyramid schemes, unethical companies and behaviors of company reps, and my personal favorite, that you must constantly bug your family and friends in order to recruit.


But the successful industry leaders will tell you in order to be successful you must have a paradigm shift. You must change your mindset. Your belief has to be turned inside out.

Industry leaders recruit qualified people. Here are some qualities of qualified prospects:

  1. Looking for a way to supplement their income
  2. They are motivated and are interested in hearing the full story
  3. They are ready to take massive action

How to qualify them

Many people still struggle to qualify their prospects. Ray Higdon wrote an awesome blog post that gives your 30 network marketing recruiting questions.

Understanding the secret of recruiting leaders is the surefire way to achieve your dreams and ultimately success in your network marketing business.

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