How to overcome Mental Blocks

Do you constantly struggle with mindset issues? Is your mindset preventing you from having the results that you want?
The best solution for that is to “Take Massive Action.”
Two reasons why taking massive action can help you to overcome these mindset issues: 

1. When you’re not taking action, you’re left with lots of free time on your hands. More often than not, when you have excess free time, you get to thinking. Yo think about where you wish you were in your business. Where your friends are. What you don’t have. Whether or not you will ever get there. These negative thought patterns are adding to your mental blocks.
When you are constantly taking action, however, you are left with very little / no free time to indulge these negative thoughts. 
2. Taking action forces you to create new habits, which in turn creates different results.
We’ve all heard this quote from Albert Einstein: Image result for insanity is doing the same thing
Remember, small consistent actions creates results; whether negative or positive. If you are consistently taking action, you are changing old habits and creating new ones. These new habits will help you to create new results. 
So, what kind of action can you take?
Reaching out to new people each day, calling your prospects, emailing your list, even if you don’t feel like doing so. All of these are ways that you can continue to take massive action.
Endeavor to reach out to at least 3-5 new people each day. Make appointments for follow-up calls.
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