Putting Attraction Marketing to Work

What really is attraction marketing? 

Attraction marketing refers to a marketing technique that targets very specific people that is interested in your product or service, by solving their problem by appealing to their emotions.

We need to understand that whenever someone purchases something, they don’t do so because of the product’s features. They do so because of what the product can do for them. If the product makes the buyer happy, or makes things easier for them, then they will be motivated to purchase your product.For attraction marketing to work, you have to connect with your products on an emotional level.

attraction marketing

5 Steps for Attraction Marketing Success

1. Choose a product: 

It is important to choose a product in an industry that you are passionate about, and has a large fan base.

2. Become an Affiliate

Once you’ve chosen a product, it is time to become an affiliate. Affiliates sometimes get paid every week, every month or sometimes bi-monthly. Now that this is done, it is time for step 3.

3. Create a website

Some affiliate programs provide you with ready made to use sites. If not, you need to create one immediately. Click here for a great web hosting program. One important thing to remember, is that the site must be as professional as possible.

4. Setting up a squeeze page

This is basically a page where you can collect contact information, such as name and email address, of your visitors, when you provide them with something of value. That can take the form of a cheat sheet, a video presentation of some training, a pdf version, or even an eBook. If you are not very technical, then find a platform that already have this in place, and can teach you how to create your own. Such as this one. 

5. Marketing Techniques.

This sets the foundation for how the system works so well. You can decide to advertise on social media such as Facebook and Twitter; even Google +. Another way to advertise is by writing articles, blogging, and establishing yourself as an authority in your chosen niche.

What ever form of advertising you decide on, the goal is to drive traffic to your website site / squeeze page.

Always remember, what ever content you put out there, need to affect readers / listeners on an emotional level.

If you’ve found value from this, please leave a comment and share with others.

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