Leveraging Facebook to market your Business

Facebook Marketing

People often wonder whether or not they should be leveraging Facebook to market their business. My answer? Absolutely!

As of June 30, 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion active monthly users. So in case there was still any doubt, Facebook is literally too big to ignore.

Here are some useful tips to market your business on Facebook

  1. Communicate with your fans / audience

It is important to establish regular communication with your fans. Always pay close attention to what they are posting, whether on your own page of on that of your followers. You will quickly learn what they need. You would be surprised of the many marketing ideas that were developed as a result of fan postings. Be sure to respond to every message you get, both via your inbox and o your page itself. Pay close attention to any posts that you are tagged.

Always thank the person for contacting you, and provide them with a great answer.

This requires some extra effort, but will go a long way in showing your fans/audience that you care.

It is also important to get involved in conversations that are taking place on your page. This will show them that you are human and are interested in what they have to say.

  1. Provide valuable content

It is important to figure out the needs of your fans/audience (through communication), and provide them with solutions. By providing them with what they need, you automatically set yourself up as an expert in your chosen area /field. You become the go-to person.

Make regular posts on your page. There is no need to make 10 posts each day. Simply ensure that your posts are engaging, and is providing value to your fans /audience. Your fans will quickly grow uninterested quickly if they do not value your content. Use your content to educate and enlighten your fans. They should be able to get some form of inspiration, motivation, information about your latest product or service or information that is relevant to your brand (We’ll talk about branding in another post).

  1. Create a list

Having a list is essential to marketing your company. By making some of your content available only to subscribers, you are able to collect names and email addresses to build your list. You can have an exclusive contest to all new “likes/subscribers” on your page, to generate interest. Remember, pages with lots of likes, get a lot of attention. Using a lead capture system is also another great way to provide valuable content, and build your list at the same time.

This list is essentially leads for your business. Once you’ve created this list (you will add to this list regularly), you are able to send them specific information or advertisements to your target audience.

Please be mindful to avoid spamming your list.

  1. Create a Closed Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group dedicated to your business / company is a great way to answer questions and encourage your audience to chat with each other. This is also a great way to provide more in-depth training, additional tips for success, and even run contests and giveaways, specific to your clients /customers.

A group will help create more of a community atmosphere, and often times, you find that members of the group will answer posted questions.

You’ve come to the end of this article. I hope you were able to find some useful information that you can put to work immediately to help market your business. Get started right away, and be sure to enjoy your success.

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4 thoughts on “Leveraging Facebook to market your Business

  1. This is so spot on! Facebook is an EXCELLENT tool to use as leverage. Assuming we use it effectively that is. I couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks for sharing Sylvia!

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